Music to our ears

The songs we listen to can tell us a lot about what type of person we are. Music is everywhere. We are surrounded by songs playing through the radio in shopping centres and cars, and electronic devices such as our computers, laptops, phones, televisions, etc. There are three main components to music that we enjoy: amazing beats and instrumentals, an artist’s voice and the lyrics. These three things capture us in many different ways. The beat and instrumental make up the foundation of the song, a layer allowing the artist’s unique voice to keep us engaged as we make connections to the lyrics of the song. Even though we may not even understand the language which the song is in, we are still able to listening to it for the reason that it just sounds good in our ears. Music can also bring fans together; those who share a common interest for a particular artist or group. This is how we make friends!

I NEED to listen to music everyday. If I don’t, I will go crazy. Most of the time, I listen to Korean songs. Even though I don’t necessarily understand what they are saying, I am still able to appreciate the music. I even get emotional from certain songs from the amount of emotions an artist puts into their singing and through the accompaniment of certain beats and/or instruments. That’s how I know when a song is good.

I will be sharing with you the playlists I have made, so listen to it and enjoy!

CHILL VIBES (Korean artists)

This playlist is great for car or train rides and will keep you relaxed with its chill vibe. This is also great when you want to be in your own bubble (but filled with positivity, of course!). These songs will make you groove if you enjoy listening to Korean songs.

CHILL VIBES (English songs)

This playlist is also great for car or train rides and will keep you relaxed with its chill vibe. You may also find yourself just jamming out to the songs (especially to Childish Gambino’s Redbone because that’s what I do! 😂).


Perfect to listen to while studying as each song has a slow-paced beat which will calm your mind and ensuring that you won’t get distracted from doing your work.


For days when you’re feeling down, days when you just want to be in bed and wrap yourself in a blanket like a burrito.

I hope you and your ears enjoyed the playlists I have made and even better, share it with your friends if you did! Also share the songs that have been on repeat for you because I would love to hear the songs you listen to.


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