A ‘White Mojo’ Brunch


115 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Melbourne, the most liveable city in the world for the seventh year in a row is filled with coffee lovers. But where did our love from coffee stem from? The answer takes us back to the 1880s where our gentlemen and ladies drank coffees in coffee palaces as they turned away from the harmful booze. Of course with having a huge coffee culture comes along the cafes, alleyways of hidden secrets, and delicious brunch.

Melbourne’s CBD is filled with cafes offering different coffee roasts, ambience, and tastes for different individuals. So, some of you may be wondering, “Where should I go when I travel to Melbourne?” or “Where do you recommend I try for brunch?”. Well for our blog’s first ever post, we will be reviewing and suggesting a little cafe hidden in an alleyway named ‘White Mojo Specialty Coffee Roaster’ or, ‘White Mojo’ for short.

If you’re the type of foodie that loves to stop their friends from eating just for your Instagram photos (guilty as charged) then this place is definitely for you. Not only are you going to get your aesthetic photos and desired ambience, the food is totally worth it and worth any wait. In today’s post I’ll be reviewing three dishes from their menu, but first off let’s briefly talk about the cafe location, ambience, and service,

Now I’m not gonna lie, my friends and I (your fellow writers) definitely had some trouble getting to the cafe. Wandering around in a few circles I could’ve sworn we were close by as I was using Google Maps, but somehow ended up wandering far off anyway… However, the cafe is definitely NOT in a hard to find place and the alleyway is actually quite a larger one compared to the other hidden secrets of Melbourne’s CBD. We just had construction blocking our usual view… I swear!

‘White Mojo’ often has a long queue waiting for their food but luckily we got there a little after two pm and had no wait at all (thank you ‘White Mojo’ for your all day breakfast!). When entering the cafe we were immediately greeted by friendly staff, giving us an already very positive first impression. Now, no more wait and right into the food!


‘Double Cheese Chilli Scrambled Egg’

As someone who loves their spice, this dish didn’t have much kick for me but boy was it delicious. The flavour of the bacon and eggs matched so well with the sweetness of the brioche buns; you definitely can’t go wrong with some bacon. For those who prefer salty over sweet however, the buns might get too sweet or sickly towards the end, as much as i loved the eggs and bacon the sweetness in the buns were too much for me.


‘Smoked Salmon’

Now back to talking about visuals, the ‘Smoked Salmon’ is definitely something you want to get if you want a little extra show for Instagram as this special dish here is served with a glass cover that has the dish infused with smoke which the waiter then takes off (very aesthetically may I add) when you’ve got your phone out ready for that perfect shot or video.

The salmon had the perfect amount of smokiness to it, and the brioche toast had a crispy exterior but soft and sweet interior. The egg was poached to perfection, and all these ingredients together formed a perfect combination.


‘Signature Croissant Burger’

One of the most popular dishes of ‘White Mojo’ is the ‘Signature Croissant Burger’. We can definitely see why, the crispy buttery croissant, and the combination of ingredients were a perfect fit for each other. The soft shell crab was fresh however, depending on preference, the oiliness of the soft shell crab may be too much for you, but once again this all narrows down to personal preference.

Overall it was a great experience and paired with the right people, you could never go wrong. Guys or gals who are looking for the perfect place to take someone on a brunch date, or simply just looking for the perfect place to catch up with a friend while chomping on delicious food should definitely give this place a try.

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